On 1 April 2021, Estelle and Savy Ciaglia became the proud owners of this establishment. Their vision is to create an upmarket boutique spa that provides more than just accommodation to its guests. Extensive renovations and upgrades started during March 2021.

Positioned a mere 100 meters from the beach you will find this “gem” that boasts views of the sea with endless white beaches. A part of the homestead was transformed into a boutique spa during 2021 - reminiscent of the traditional way of providing the standard self-catering accommodation facility. Today the property hosts an elegant boutique spa with a jacuzzi, heated pool, gym facilities, and spa treatments at New Age Skin & Beauty.

Since renovations started, Maki-Saki became synonymous with Yzerfontein’s social agenda and provided many local and foreign tourists a unique experience, characterised by Yzerfontein’s heritage and commitment to friendly ‘West Coast' culture.

On 1 August 2021, Maki-Saki proudly re-opened its doors to the public, characterised by the same glory, legacy it has been known for over the past years,